1. We are unique - and offer a musical education that cannot be found elsewhere - including Youtube!!
There is no-one else in Australia doing what we are. This is a program that will grow with you/your child, and can be 'plugged in' to ensemble and school settings just as easily as in the studio.  Fully compliant with the new Australian Curriculum and the AusVels framework, you can be assured that this program is at the very cutting edge of music education in Australia.  
2. We don't stop for school holidays (except Easter and Christmas)!
We have special events every holidays after a packed school term,  a special goal at the end of each to keep our students engaged and motivated.  We understand that people go away for school holidays and we work around your needs.  Our three special end of session treats for 2016 are: End of Term 2        June 22        Concert and CD launch at Bernie's MusicLand, Ringwood End of Term 3         September 19-26        CD Recording Sessions at Fresh Entertainment, Frankston End of Term 4        December 12        ANZCA examinations at discounted prices (November session) Concert, awards night, CD distribution at Bernie's MusicLand, Ringwood  
3. We use iPads!
We use iPads not only to teach Music effectively, but also record notes, videos, feedback and reports that you can see and refer to instantly!  Gone are the days of writing a few notes in an exercise book, and losing it half way through the term. Parents will have 24hr access to detailed student notes from lessons, and work with them in creating amazing music!  
4. We use an LMS!
Just like most students at Schools these days have an LMS (Learning Management System) to log into, we have our very own Moodle site which contains all our lessons, music and much, much more!    
5. Students will control their own learning.
We will be using I.S.M.A.R.T. goals as a powerful tool to motivate and engage our students.  Students will have FREE access to develop their own website for recording, publishing and display of their own work.  
6. Students will be able to record a CD!
We will be recording a CD at Fresh Entertainment studios at Frankston in September 2016, which will be released to students in December, 2016.  Students have FREE access to the recording studio and will receive one complimentary copy each of the CD in December.   
7. Beginner Students will use our unique colour curriculum
Our colours curriculum is unique.  A student working at normal pace can expect to complete a colour every session (13-15 weeks). There will always be a new goal just around the corner! When completed they will receive certificates at concerts etc, that will honour their achievements.  Here is our colour curriculum for our beginning students.  This represents 7 years of tuition at normal pace, however students can complete these colours as quickly as their inspiration will let them!  Inspire Music Beginner Curriculum  
8. Beginner Students will use our unique badge achievement series
A student must achieve 10 Badges in order to gain a colour. Each badge will take approximately 3-5 hours of practise to achieve.  Students will always be inspired to learn as the goals are broken down into 'little chunks'.  Badges will cover all different aspects of they need to know at a certain level and style. This is our 'learning badge'.  When a teacher gives the student a badge it means they have successfully mastered what has been required of them and can progress to the next badge.   
9. Our music is unique.
Our Music is Australian. No more playing Yankee Doodle (unless you want to!) Our music is exciting, even at beginner level, engaging and dynamic.  It uses the rich heritage of Australian folk songs, and explores every different style.  You will never be bored with our repertoire.  
10. Our approach is unique.
Students can go stylistically from one to another, learning to write their own music using our unique tools. Your student will be playing and creating their own music, and having a ball.  Our pieces are often developmental, and can be plugged in at several level.