There are many reasons why anyone should learn music. Here are a few.
  1.  Children who learn music at school age perform better academically receive better test scores and are in the highest percentage of graduates with top HR scores at the end of Year 12.
  2.  A recent study showed that the worlds smartest educational countries, which included Finland, Denmark and Malaysia, all of these countries music is compulsory from Year 5 through to Year 12.
  3. Recent studies have highlighted that children who learn a musical instrument perform better at Naplan tests and other Academic Pursuits.  As a result they have a distinctive 'edge' over other students of the same age.
  4.  Music engages your brain in more activity than any other single pursuit.  Point for the joy of creating making and performing music is a joy that is unsurpassed.
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Check out the following videos of inspirational leaders and their research, and see the difference music makes!
Anita Collins; PhD in Neuroscience and Music Education
  • Animation Video
  • TedTalk