Music Education in Australia has been described by one leading educator as a "dog's breakfast" and that what is needed is for somebody to take and rebuild music education from scratch for the 21st century.  Our program does exactly that. Designed by qualified award winning music teachers, the program is fully integrated with the new AusVels National Arts Curriculum currently being implemented right across Australia and is fully compatible with instrumental lessons, in ensembles, and lessons in the music classroom and lessons in the community.  Your child will be able to engage in music at all levels through our program. Another huge development in our program is integrating the technology of today.  Many teachers in schools still use the same structure of a music lesson from the 1950's.  Since we are in the age of technology, it is important to use the tools that are commonly available.  Our vision is to encourage self-learning by having their own blog page online (I.S.M.A.R.T Goals), which they can upload questions, what they want to achieve, interesting things they find on the web, videos, and the list goes on.  Your child will not only be learning about music outside of their lessons, but also developing their creative passion and have complete freedom of their own blog page. Our logo, the symbol of the bird is important because it suggests freedom and flight.  Your child or your child throughout program will learn to fly musically and experience the joy of soaring in their music.  
Do you have a musical dream that you thought was impossible to reach? We all have dreams. Inspire Music was established to help people achieve their dreams. Our program is designed to target your musical dream and help you achieve it in the shortest possible time. If you have a dream let us help you achieve it today!
The creative process is incredibly important in the development of every individual. We often think that we are not creative or talented, but the reality is anyone can learn to create music through performing, composing, creating backing tracks, improvising or even through the variation of a simple beat. By creating you become a better problem solver, thinker and are more resourceful. Our creative tools are easy to use and embedded in every lesson that we teach.
Our ultimate goal is for you to be able to fly musically. To enjoy the music you're making and performing. Our program is designed to get you on your feet and going as quickly as possible, so that you can experience the joy of music making brings. With Inspire Music you can really learn to fly!